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Thomas Coccolini Haertl

Thomas Coccolini Härtl (Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1967) is an architect, with the passion for photography since he was a child the early years at school, with the first shots taken during this period, practicing on old cameras of the father engineer from which it inherits the passion. He studied the theory of the photographic language and the colorful exploration with a first course during the Secondary school, while in the period of High school, he started teaching its first photography course and increases in particular the interest in Photography Composition and the technics of Framing. Then he deepens studies the language of photography during College in Florence following the University Course and exam of Science and Technique of Visual Communications with professor Egidio Mucci, in Architecture.

Thomas C. Härtl relized the power of communication of Cinema based on images and soundtrack, so in the ‘90’s he presents his photographs in a crossfading projections synchronized with its own music selection by him, the last of which was held at The Castle of Arceto (RE) in 1998. Härtl adopts a form of expression, such as in avant-garde music, leaving ample room for contemplation to evoke, keyword in his approach to photographic culture.

In framing, Härtl extrapolates photographic subjects generically taken from the world while remaining focused on Compositional aspect, away from the digital post-production, so as it was for Photo print and Blow-up in Dark Room during the period of photographic film. For several decades, from Slides to Digital age, Härtl tip the eye on the anthropization, exploring men ability to change the world, translating it into pure abstraction, raising the photographic subject on universality of the pictorial vision.

His first solo exhibition entitled Anthropization was in 2013 during the Fotografia Europea in Reggio Emilia, where he exhibited 20 shots in large sizes to allow visitors a material relationship with photography. Light and colors are processed by Haertl as brush strokes and the main subject is merged with the background made of pure clear skys, thought as a raw material exploring recurring themes as Skywards or Post-Industrial in which the territory conquered by man shows architectures diluted in archaic and symbolist forms.

The second exhibition entitled “Scatti Composti” was in 2014, with 30 prints from the reality to photographic space in conceptual form. For Härtl the moment of composition is the point of departure and arrival, significant and loud that complete the exploration of three-dimensional space in the depiction. Härtl takes its photographs without intervention on place, leaving the scene absolutely unchanged, merely he removes the portion of space definitely fixed in the photograph, making an operation of abstraction and alienation that makes his way to see the world purely conceptual.

Haertl’s newer lessons of Photographic Composition has been carried in September 2015 at Civic Museums in Reggio E. in a course for architects and disegner which saw the collaboration of Alessandro Scillitani and Marco Introini, architect and photographer with whom in 2016 he gave a lecture on this argument in English in Mantova, at Distaccamento Internazionale della Facoltà di Architettura of Milan Politecnico.

Thomas Härtl has used Zeiss, Canon e Nikon. Today he is working with Canon e Nikon.

Thomas Coccolini Härtl as architect since 1991 developes Interior Design, furnitures and Industrial Design; with Dumas-INT. EX Spa as Design and Technical Services Manager realizes Exhibition stands in Exhibitions, fairs and Events around the world. In music he is a drummer, he oversaw the artistic direction of events in Reggio Emilia, plays Pop and Jazz and in some groups such as the Ensemble of theater and song by Riccardo Ventrella; From 2011 he is president of the music association MusicPower. 

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